Our Services

Air Freight :

SPAV SHIPPING Air Freight Forwarding services are most sought after due to our swift execution and punctuality. Our air freight division comprises of experienced cargo professionals with years of industry experience there by easing the communication flow and accelerating the decision making among all clients.

We have a choice of multiple carriers giving you that much needed flexibility and dependability. With a reputation based on trust and integrity, we offer you a means of transport that's both cost-efficient and time-critical.

The salient features of our Air Freight Forwarding services includes:

Export and Import consolidations.
Special Air Freight rates for bulk movements.
Association with all major Airlines.
Attractive rates for Chartered Services.
Using dozens of gateways within our established network to palletize and transport cargo daily.
Flexible and dependable scheduling options.

Ocean Freight :

We ensure efficient handling of your cargo by providing appropriate vessels and handling the related formalities. We offer both FCL (Full-container load) and LCL (Less-than-container load) service with a wide choice of ocean carriers, giving you both flexibility and dependability.

The salient features of our sea freight forwarding services includes:

Sea Freight Export / Import consolidation.
L.C.L and F.C.L Consolidation.
Reduced prices while ensuring available space during peak season.
Access to the on-board infrastructure essential to handling refrigerated cargo, garments on hangers, and other special needs.
Forwarding experts who help ensure that your shipment is in compliance with a country's import/export regulations.
End-to-End solutions and long-term relationships with major carriers mean that we do all the groundwork, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

Customs Clearance :

Another important aspect of the freight forwarding business is custom clearances, especially in countries with strict customs and excise laws. Lack of knowledge regarding local customs regulations and improper handling of customs documentation can cause havoc to the supply chain resulting in major losses and legal wrangles.
SPAV SHIPPING pays special attention to all the details involved in the customs clearance process both national and international and ensures its customs department is constantly updated regarding new laws and regulations.

The salient features of our custom clearance services includes:
Customs Documentation.
Carting / Receiving Goods.
Inspection Of Shipments.
Handling of stuffing & de-stuffing at all major Air / Sea Ports, ICD's and Customers warehouse.

Transportation :

SPAV SHIPPING is the leader in the provision of scheduled bonded trucking services within the nation. Our services are customized to meet your specific requirements and guarantee time sensitive over-night deliveries.

We have a vast network of distributors and regional offices thereby enhancing our efficiency and customer service. Our fleet of trucks is modern and meets all the Regional Transport Organization's criteria.

The salient features of our bonded trucking services includes :

Consolidation Hubs in all the metros.
Special rates for bulk movements.
A large fleet of bonded trucks of various specifications and capacities.
Specialized trucks with air-ride suspensions catering to highly sensitive machineries.
Open top and side loading trucks catering for odd-sized & over-sized cargo.
Increased security during transit.

Consolidation :

SPAV SHIPPING provides a port-to-door and door-to-door delivery solution for customers who want to simplify logistics management, reduce costs, and minimize the risk of loss or product damage. By leveraging the breadth and reliability of our global network, we can remove days from your supply chain, delivering goods from overseas directly to your customers' locations.
Based on your customized requirements, your packages can be directly delivered to the customer in the destination country after following arrival and customs clearance procedures.

The salient features of our Door-to-Door delivery services includes:

Port-to-door and door-to-door service from shipper to consignee
Integrated service includes carton labeling, freight transportation and package delivery services.
Streamlines processes by eliminating issues with multiple carrier bills.
Consolidated customs clearance.